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Allman Johnson CPAs & Advisors provides proven solutions for over-taxed business owners and investors. Our primary focus is to help the business owners and organizations that we work with navigate successfully through the rapidly changing tax and accounting environment so they can run profitable businesses.

As our client, you benefit from the expertise of our accessible financial professionals, our experience in a diverse range of industries, and the convenience of using the latest secure, seamless technology which allows you to have the key financial information and services you need in real-time, allowing your business to continue moving forward.

If your company is just getting started make Allman Johnson your first stop to get the knowledge you need to launch on the right track. For established businesses, our firm will work with your leadership to streamline your financial operations, minimize your tax obligations and optimize the profitability of your organization. Take a look at the value we offer as the greater Indianapolis area’s trusted tax and accounting firm.

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400 Cigar-Chomping Fat Cats Aren't Enough Anymore

Jerica Hernandez

December 7, 2016

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald, who brought us the Great Gatsby among other well-heeled characters, once said the rich are very different from you and me. To which Fitzgerald's jazz age compatriot...



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Tax Service

Are you doing all you can to keep the money you earn?

While we are happy to prepare your individual and business tax return, it’s strategic tax planning that makes all the difference come year end. Many tax professionals focus on putting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. They do a great job recording history—usually the history you gave them. Certified Tax Coaches™ such as Shelley focus on proactive tax strategies to save you money before April 15. Instead of just recording history, we help you write it.

If you own your own business, or own real estate or manage investments, and you want to keep every dollar the law allows, you can’t afford to wait until April 15. You need a plan that takes advantage of every legal deduction, credit, loophole and strategy available. Plus, our clients have the added benefit of around-the-clock online access to all their tax documents via TESA, our secure portal on our website.

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